Support the FWO

The Fund fulfils its mission partly thanks to financial donations from benefactors and testators. The desired goal and type of scientific research can be set out in the conditions of the act of donation or will, as long as the research topic is sufficiently generic. The government has ensured that the tax levied on these donations is very limited, so that the money goes almost entirely to scientific research through the following instruments:

  •  As a Public Utility Foundation, FWO enjoys lower inheritance taxes under Art. 59 of the Inheritance Tax Act.

  • Monetary donations are tax deductible under Art. 104, 3° b of the 1992 Income Tax Act, provided the sum donated is at least 40 euro (Art. 107) and lower than 250,000 euro (to be indexed); moreover, the sum donated cannot amount to more than 10% of the net taxable income (Art. 109), or, in the case of companies, 500.000 euro and not more than 5% of the net taxable income (Art. 200).

Support the FWO as a private person

With your support to scientific research you consciously choose for the future. With your donation or legacy you help to build the future of your children and grandchildren. And your great-grandchildren.

Support the FWO as a company

The awarding of scientific prizes, sponsored by private companies or non-profit organisations, creates close ties between the business world and the research community.  With these prizes the FWO rewards outstanding fundamental scientific research. But these prizes also have an important signal function: they highlight the societal relevance of scientific research. In this way, all paries benefit from this collaboration.