Step 2: Obtaining external referee advice

Obtaining external referee advice

For a postdoctoral fellowship, Pegasus Marie Curie Fellowship, Senior Clinical Investigator, exchange and research projects, the applicant must include in the application file a list of ten experts (3 for exchange projects).

The FWO administration will randomly contact a number of experts from this list, until at least two referee reports have been received.

If this number is not reached, the applicant will be invited to provide five extra names to the FWO.

In order for the assessment to be as objective as possible, the external referees must meet a number of criteria. These criteria are set out in Article 12 of the internal and external peer review regulations.

If there is doubt regarding the admissibility of a given referee, the applicant can, via the E-Loket, ask the FWO referee committees for advice on the matter prior to the submission deadline.

The guidelines issued to the external referees can be read in the "guide for referees