Step 3: The correct Expertpanel


The FWO has 30 discipline-specific Expert Panels and one Interdisciplinary Panel. The applicant is solely responsible for the choice of the Expert Panel that will evaluate his/her application. The scopes that have been defined for the various panels are a convenient way to determine the scope within which your research fits.

Click here for an overview of the scopes.

Each panel is made up of 16 expert members (except the panels Cult2, Cult3, G&M3, G&M4, Med5, Med8, W&T7 and W&T8 which have 18 members). A majority of these members is affiliated to non-Flemish universities or scientific institutes.

Click here for a detailed overview of the composition of the FWO Expertpanels.

 In addition to the regular expert panels, the FWO has two multidisciplinary panels for the evaluation of applications submitted under the internationalisation initiatives launched by the FWO.

The International Collaboration Committee (CIWC) meets monthly and evaluates applications for grants under exchange agreements, personal travel and living expenses,  sabbatical leaves, international scientific networks, organisation of international conferences, and participation in European networks (ERA-Net, etc.)

The FWO has also a Panel for International Collaboration (CIS). This committee is responsible for the evaluation of applications under bilateral agreements, the Pegasus fellowships, International Coordination Actions, etc.

Furthermore, the FWO has a number of “ad hoc” juries for the evaluation of specific funding programmes such as Clinical fellowships, Odysseus or Big Science. Also the scientific prizes that are awarded via the FWO are evaluated by a professional jury composed on the basis of the submitted files. 

The composition of the FWO Expertpanels is itself subjected to an evaluation. This evaluation is carried out via the Ledencommissie.

The guidelines issued to the external referees can be read in the “guide for panel members