What happens with the money received from companies, institutes and individuals?

  • Companies and institutes

    Various companies and institutes support fundamental research in their respective area of expertise with their own prizes. The FWO makes the scientific selection.
  • Individuals

    Individuals also donate money to the FWO through a deed of donation or will. They can place conditions on the research, provided that its aim remains sufficiently general. Thanks to a favourable tax regime, almost all of the money goes to scientific research.
  • The ‘Flemish Nobel Prizes’ each worth €100,000 are made possible by donations and legacies:

    • Two Dr. A. De Leeuw-Damry-Bourlart prizes
      For exact and applied sciences.
    • Two Dr. Joseph Maisin prizes
      For fundamental biomedical sciences and clinical biomedical sciences.
    • Ernest John Solvay prize
      For language, cultural, social sciences and humanities.

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