Expertpanels are the beating heart of the FWO. They evaluate the applications for fellowships and research projects. There are 30 subject specialist panels and 1 interdisciplinary panel. Most panels are composed of 16 members, the majority of which are not affiliated to a Flemish university. The panels meet twice a year and submit scientific advice to the Senate and the Board of Trustees.

The 30 Expertpanels are divided into 5 scientific domains:


Interdisciplinarity means that progress can be made in each of the disciplines (belonging to a different scientific area (e.g. Biological Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Medical Sciences, Science and Technology)) involved by the execution of the collective project, in each of the disciplines separately and/or on a collective area. Projects where one of the disciplines is only instrumental for the other, where one discipline for example supplies tools for a subject of an other discipline, are not eligible.

Here you can find some background information concerning which type of applications can be evaluated by the interdisciplinary panel.






Skirtach André

Universiteit Gent



Biggs Michael

University of Hertfordshire (GB)



Francart Tom

KU Leuven

Giera Martin

Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum

Hooyberghs Jef


Morrison Ann

Aalborg University (DK)

Slump Cornelis

Universiteit Twente (NL)

Stroobants Sigrid


Svozil Karl

Vienna University of Technology (AT)

Taly Valerie

Université Paris Descartes (FR)

Overview of the members of the SBO expert panels

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Overview members TBM-Expertpanels 2018

Only members who have explicitly given their approval to have their name listed on the FWO website are included in this overview. Name …

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International collaboration

- International collaboration committee (CIWC) - Panel for international collaboration (CIS)

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Other commissions

There are also a number of advisory groups with well-defined mandates which advise on a specific line of research or within a specific collaboration. These groups meet once or twice a year as required.

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Regulations FWO - Internal and External Peer Review

Regulations valid for calls that open until June 2018 Regulations valid for calls that open from September 2018

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Guideline for panel members

The guidelines issued to the external referees can be read in the guide for panel members

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List members Expertpanels and Governing boards

Here you can find the list of panel members.

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