Bio1: Molecular and Cellular Biology

The scope of Expert panel Bio1 includes fundamental biological research, which focuses by content and/or methodology on molecular, intracellular and intercellular aspects. The aim of the research is the fundamental knowledge of biological processes without immediate application goals (such as  medical, biomedical, agricultural and biotechnological).

More specific:

  • Research at the molecular level of the structure, function and turnover of biological macromolecules and metabolites.
  • Research at the intracellular and intercellular level of cell biological phenomena.
  • Research on methods and techniques, such as microscopy, analytical biochemical techniques (for example spectrometry, mass spectrometry, sequence analysis), high throughput screening methods, recombinant techniques, transgenesis and system-wide approaches as a support for molecular and cellular biological research.
  • Computational methods and system-wide approaches for the acquisition, processing, storage, visualisation and modelling of molecular biological data.
  • Examples of disciplines (not exhaustive): (molecular level) biochemistry, biophysics (biological aspects and application of physics), enzymology, structural biology, molecular genetics, systems biology; (cellular level) cellular biology, molecular microbiology, molecular developmental biology, stem cell biology; (bioinformatics (applications) and computational biology) bioinformatics, computational biology, molecular modelling, glycobiology.





Dewilde Sylvia

Universiteit Antwerpen



Van Dijck Patrick

KU Leuven



Beeckman Tom

Universiteit Gent

Boraschi Diana

National Research Council of Italy (IT)

Devreese Bart

Universiteit Gent

Foyer Christine

Leeds University (GB)

Govaerts Cedric


Marchal Kathleen 

Universiteit Gent

Paulmichl Markus

AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology (AT)

Remaut Han

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Sanna Serena


Shabaz Mohammed

University of Oxford (GB)

Shields Denis

University College Dublin

Vanden Berghe Wim

Universiteit Antwerpen

van Zandvoort Marc

Universiteit Maastricht (NL)