Bio3: Biodiversity and Ecology

The scope of Expert panel Bio3 includes fundamental biological research, which focuses by content and/or methodology on the organism, the biological community and the ecosystem. The end goal of the research is the fundamental knowledge of biological processes without immediate application goals (such as medical, biomedical, agricultural, biotechnological).

More specific:

  • Research on the evolution, identification and classification of organisms.
  • Research on the dynamics and the functioning of individuals, populations and communities in the environment.
  • Research on the dynamics and the functioning of (natural) ecosystems.
  • Examples of disciplines (not exhaustive): taxonomy, phylogenetics, evolutionary biology, biogeography, palaeontology, ethology and behavioural ecology, functional morphology in an ecological/evolutionary context, auto-ecology, population biology and population genetics, evolutionary ecology, macro-ecology, community ecology, ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, landscape ecology, global ecology, palaeo-ecology, ecotoxicology in an ecological/evolutionary context, molecular phylogenetics…





Leirs Herwig

Universiteit Antwerpen



Wenseleers Tom

KU Leuven



Boersma Maarten

Universiteit Bremen (DE)

Bogaert Jan

Université de Liège

Carere Claudio

Université Paris 13 Sorbonne Paris Cité (FR)

Decaestecker Ellen

KU Leuven

Declerck Steven


Dunn Peter

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Gonzalez Candelas Fernando

Universidad de Valencia

Janssens Ivan

Universiteit Antwerpen

King John

North Carolina State University

Olde Venterink Harry

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Teodosio Maria Alexandra Anica

University of Algarve (PT)

Volckaert Filip

KU Leuven

Willems Anne

Universiteit Gent