Bio4: Applied Biological Sciences

The scope of Expert panel Bio4 includes biological and biotechnological research, which focuses on generating knowledge on the living world aiming at applications in the environment, agriculture and forestry, industry, and/or society.

More specific:

  • Handling and processing of living material and the application of living organisms (plants, animals, micro-organisms) or parts thereof (such as enzymes) in production processes and biosystems. The application of technologies and quantitative approaches is focused on.
  • (Bio)-chemistry of technological processes and biosystems with the purpose of analysing, controlling, or improving them. The application of advanced technologies and quantitative approaches is focused on.
  • Research on economically important animals, plants and micro-organisms: the integration of fundamental insights and biotechnological research with an eye on application, is focused on.
  • Research on (sustainable) management of ecosystems and environmental technological processes. The application of technical skills and quantitative approaches is  focused on.
  • Examples of disciplines are (not exhaustive): agrochemistry, aquaculture and fishery, soil science (biological aspects), forestry, ecotoxicology, agriculture and horticulture (animal production, plant cultivation, crop protection), food sciences (food chemistry, food microbiology, food technology), applied nutrition research, environmental biotechnology and bioremediation, applied ecology, applied and industrial biotechnology (microbiology, plant, animal), applied dietetics.





Van Loey Ann

KU Leuven



De Smet Stefaan




Bervoets Lieven

Universiteit Antwerpen

Bravo Laura

Institute of Food Science (ICTAN-CSIC) (ES)

Collado Maria Carmen

National Research Council

Geffen Audrey

University of Bergen (NO)

Gernaey Krist

Technical University of Denmark (DK)

Guedes Raul

Federal University of Viçosa (BR)

Lens Piet

UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft (NL)

Leroy Frédéric


Rodrigo Dolores


Springael Dirk

KU Leuven

Steppe Kathy


Vanderborght Jan

KU Leuven

Xenakis Aristotelis

National Hellenic Research Foundation (GR)