SBMed5 - Organs and organ systems: neurology, psychiatry, rheumatology, orthopedics, physiotherapy, dentistry, maxillofacial, ENT medicine and dermatology

Neurology and psychiatry (incl. ophthalmology and anesthesiology), rheumatology, orthopedics; physiotherapy, movement & rehabilitation sciences, dentistry, maxillofacial medicine, ENT medicine, dermatology. Focus is on research methodologies and NOT on the application areas. If primarily genetic methods in a certain medicine domain (e.g. hematology) the proposal should be submitted in SBMed2, if stem cell research SBBio1 is more appropriate.



Brillet Francois


Chan Stella

University of Reading

Del Bene Filippo

Institut Curie

Doody Catherine

University College Dublin

Dovile Sinkeviciute

Nordic Bioscience

Downey Patrick


Müller Thomas

Saint Joseph Hospital Berlin

Plath Niels

Muna Therapeutics

Platt Bettina

University of Aberdeen

Selles Ruud

Erasmus Medisch Centrum

Smits Cas

Vrije Universiteit Medisch Centrum

van Rijt Leonie

Amsterdam Universitair Medisch Centrum