Science Commission

The Science Commission assesses the scientific quality of the submitted proposals for large-scale and international research infrastructure.





Pfeiffer Friedrich

Technical University München (DE)



Aysto Yuha

University of Helsinki (FI)

Bilewicz Renate

University of Warsaw (PL)

Bordiga Silvia

University of Torino (IT)

Börjesson Lars

Chalmers University (SE)

Colin Whitehouse

Aalto University (FI)

Gershuny Jonathan

University of Oxford (VK)

Keitel-Schutz Doris

DKSST Consulting (DE)

Kelso Janet

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (DE)

Lamzin Victor

European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) (DE)

Levi Marcel

University of Amsterdam / Amsterdams Medisch Centrum (NE)

Obradors Xavier

Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB) (ES)

Petruhkina Marina

University of Albany (VS)

Plattner Bernard


Price Patricia

Imperial College Londen (VK)

Saer Rebecca

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (VK)

Salinas Patricia

University College London (VK)

Slawin Alexandra

University of Sint-Andrews (VK)

Spaepen Frans

Universitey of Harvard (VS)

Wagner Gerd G.

German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) (DE)