G&M1: Sciences of Law and Criminology


  • Private law
    • Tort law
    • Property law
    • Private international law
    • Contract law
    • Family law
    • Law of obligations
    • Estate planning law
  • Public law
    • Administrative law
    • European administrative law
    • Tax law
    • International organizations
    • Public international law
    • Migration law
    • Environmental and energy law
    • Labour and social security law
    • Constitutional law
    • Criminal law
  • Economic law
    • Economic law
    • Financial law
    • Commercial law
    • Company law
  • Fundamental rights and freedoms – judicial protection
    • Fundamental rights and freedoms
    • Human rights
    • Judicial protection
    • Administrative procedure
    • Civil procedure
    • Criminal procedure
  • Meta law
    • Law and economics
    • Legal philosophy
    • Legal history
    • Legal psychology
    • Legal sociology
    • Legal theory


  • Processes of criminalisation and phenomena of crime
    • Perpetrators and victims
    • Analyses of crime phenomena
    • Perceptions and attitudes concerning crime and (in)security
  • Formal and informal social reactions on crime and deviance
    • Penal policies, media and society
    • Crime prevention
    • Policing, security and intelligence services
    • Criminal justice and administration of sentences
  • Methodology of criminological research
  • Quantitative research methods
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Crime data





De Becker Alexander

Universiteit Hasselt



Swennen Frederik

Universiteit Antwerpen



Brems Eva

Universiteit Gent

De Hert Paul

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Hammersley Richard

University of Hull

Hills Alice

Durham University (GB)

Lösel Friedrich

University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (DE)

McIvor Gill

University of Stirling

Paoli Letizia

KU Leuven

Pauwels Lieven

Universiteit Gent

Schinkel Marguerite

University of Glasgow

Shapland Joanna

University of Sheffield (GB)

Tjong Tjin Tai Eric

Universiteit Tilburg (NL)

van Erp Sjef

Universiteit Maastricht