Logo and corporate identity

In 85 years time, the Research Foundation-Flandershas become the reference for quality and reliable fundamental scientific research in Flanders.

The Research Foundation-Flanders deserves a visual identity that meets its current mission and the essence of the organisation.

A new corporate identity does not just appear. A lot of research has to take place first. The results of the thinking sessions and the research were moulded into a ‘brand passport’. This summarises the core qualities of the organisation and how we wish to deal with researchers, partners and other parties involved. The brand passport is a guideline and a new impulse for the functioning of the Research Foundation-Flanders.

Working on research is working on the future. This deserves a contemporary visual identity.

The logo consists of various parts, each with a separate design. The various shapes fit with each other and together form a dynamic whole. This is the same as with the FWO, where independent researchers and projects are connected together, beyond the borders. There are mutual reference points, as a result of which knowledge spreads, from one network to the other.

The different colours and shapes represent the importance of diversity. High-quality researchers receive every opportunity at the FWO, regardless of their age, background or sex. We do not use standard colours, because the FWO does not think in traditional thinking patterns and research aims for just that little bit more. The orange golden colour hints at excellence. Freedom is the motor of innovation. Researchers are not put in a straitjacket. They look themselves for reference points to shape their research. The logo radiates openness: the white proportions breathe space and freedom into the design.

The straight-lined grid pattern symbolises the connecting function of the FWO: the organisation brings researchers and projects together, regardless of where they come from. Other networks and connections arise at these international crossroads: new perspectives are just around the corner. The motto ‘Opening new horizons’ perfectly suits this.

The new visual identity is not the destination. It determines the character of the organisation. It is also, therefore, important that it is applied consistently. The corporate identity handbook contains all the agreements for using this new visual identity correctly.