What can FWO do for me?

The FWO supports fundamental and strategic scientific research, stimulates international cooperation and promotes equal opportunity. A complete overview of all possible financing resources can be found at "Fellowships and Financing".

The FWO funds excellent and promising researchers as well as research projects following an inter-university competition.  The evaluation is carried out by national and international experts.

The selection follows the bottom-up principle and is conducted on an inter-university basis.

The FWO stimulates international cooperation and encourages international mobility by giving researchers the opportunity to gain experience or work as members of international research groups or by attracting researchers from abroad. 

The sole criterion is the outstanding quality of researcher and research proposal, regardless of scientific discipline, host institute, gender, political or religious beliefs. Family-friendly provisions and flexible working conditions should further balance gender relationships.    Scientists with functional restrictions receive extra support for the financing of adapted material.