Abdul Mounem Mouazen

Werkte aan: Cranfield University

Nieuwe thuishaven: UGent

Titel project: Towards Setting up a Centre of Site-specific Technology for Soil and Crop Management (SiTeMan)

Uit het juryrapport:

Dr. Mouazen is one of the (very few) leading scientists in proximal soil sensing. Despite his mechanical engineering background he has demonstrated his ability work on biological and chemical phenomena in various contexts (soil, plants, food). Dr. Mouazen has published a remarkable number (>100) of articles in the top journals relevant to this area of research. He has an impressive number of citation and his H-index is high as 22.

Dr. Mouazen is extremely hard working and productive. He has demonstrated his ability to lead a team and graduate students. Among other awards, his ability to take over research leadership was acknowledged by a grant of €54M for creating a Precision Agriculture Centre in the UK. As can be concluded from his publications, Dr. Mouazen has demonstrated an open mind and a long-term vision. Starting with his research on modelling soil mechanical properties in the context of tillage he was realizing the complexity of soil and thus widened his scope in order to address the diversity of properties relevant for soil fertility. Mobile proximal soil sensing is a very difficult business due to the mechanical resistance and the variability of the medium. However, Dr. Mouazen continued to tackle various challenges resulting from the inaccessibility of soils. In addition, he always tries to find solutions that are applicable in agriculture (e.g., optimizing tillage, reducing soil compaction, adaption of fertilizer rates).

Dr. Mouazen has been living in several countries and was exposed to very different cultural environments and working conditions. He has supervised several international students and he was involved in international projects. In his publications, he has collaborated with the majority of the relevant research groups and he is very well known in the community due to his roles as an editor and an active member of the Working Group on Proximal Soil Sensing of the International Union of Soil Sciences. Altogether, this demonstrates the remarkable extend and the excellence of Dr. Mouazen’s international collaboration.