Anatole von Lilienfeld

Werkte aan: University of Basel

Nieuwe thuishaven: VUB

Titel project: Quantum mechanics based machine learning models trained in chemical compound space

Uit het juryrapport:

Dr von Lilienfeld is a leading international figure in the area of quantum chemistry in general, and specifically, in the topic of applying machine learning methods to enable rapid and efficient chemical and materials design. He is, without a doubt, a rising star.

Many have learned from his scientific papers and presentations. His publication track record is enviable, and the clarity of his papers are impeccable; for instance, his recent papers in the topic of applying machine learning tools make molecular and materials property predictions are so pedagogical that he has almost single-handedly launched and “rebooted” this field.

His scientific independency and potential are of the highest caliber, as evidenced by his leadership at IPAM, and his being enlisted as an editor for “Scientific Data”, the new data-oriented journal by the Nature Publishing Group.