Andy Wullaert

°1978, Belg

Werkte aan: Yakult Konsha European Research Center

Nieuwe thuishaven: UGent

Titel project: Call type-specific functional analysis of inflammasome signaling in intestinal inflammation.

Uit het juryrapport:

The applicant has a very strong background in the molecular mechanism of inflammation. Particularly during his postdoctoral research in the lab of Prof Pasparakis, which is internationally recognized, the applicant clearly focused on intestinal inflammation and gained much experience dissecting immunological molecular pathways in knockout mice. His current position outside academia is still research based and focused on intestinal inflammation and microbiota. The publication record is strong, the quality of publications appears very good.

The applicant has been funded by fellowships both during his PhD and postdoctoral research, and worked in a high profile lab for >5 years that should provide a significant amount of scientific independency. In addition, the applicant has experience with supervising, as shown during his postdoctoral research as well as during his current position.

The applicant has been involved in several international collaborations during his recent research. For the current proposal, the applicant will collaborate with Dr. Reas and Dr. Clevers, which are both highly respected in the field. In addition, working in the lab of Lamkanfi will provide an additional crucial network that can certainly contribute to the success of the project.