Arnout Voet

Werkte aan: RIKEN

Nieuwe thuishaven: KU Leuven

Titel project: Computationally designed symmetric protein building blocks for synthetic biochemistry

Uit het juryrapport:

Dr. Arnout has a very strong track record with 40 publications, 12 as first author. Papers are published in high‐impact to leading technical journals. The output is considerably more than expected at his career age. Dr Voet has been highly successful in two different research areas: drug design and protein design. The work in protein design is of very high quality and makes dr Voet a leading researcher in this area.

Dr Voet has been able to independently master a new research field, protein design, and carry out leading research in this area. At the same time, he has continued to produce high quality papers on drug design. Dr Voet has been very strategic in learning the skills necessary to become an independent researcher. That includes learning the experimental work needed to carry out all aspects of protein design. It is clear that the majority of the ideas behind his work in protein design have been his. The scientific proposal is also full of strong and original research ideas. His choice of going to Japan for a postdoc and his ability to attract individual funding also further demonstrate his independent thinking. Furthermore, he has some experience of supervision. Taken together, the jury’s assessment is that dr Voet has all the required tools to become a successful independent researcher.