Bence Nanay

°1974, Hongaar

Werkte aan: University of Cambridge, UK

Nieuwe thuishaven: UAntwerpen, departement Filosofie

Titel project: Perception, Action and What's in between 

Uit het jury-rapport:

Bence Nanay’s has an excellent PhD experience, in one of the best institutions of the world and with some of the leading philosophers, such as John Searle. Even more striking is the quantity and the quality of his published and forthcoming work. Notwithstanding his still relatively young age, Nanay has already published in the very best international journals and with some of the very best international publishers. His research interests are wide and original, and he seems to fully master the relative literature in all fields.

His ambitious research project aims at studying human cognition (with a particular focus on "action-guiding perceptual representations") by investigating the intersections of several fields: epistemology, philosophy of mind, cognitive science, theory of evolution, neuroscience. It is to be expected that the candidate's spectacular background will make it possible for him to master the relevant data and ideas that come from so many different fields.