Dietmar Thal

Werkte aan: Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms University Bonn

Nieuwe thuishaven: KU Leuven

Titel project: The role of protein aggregate maturation in Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders and its potential for disease monitoring and differential diagnosis

Uit het juryrapport:

Dr. Thal has a very good record of productivity and impact in neuropathology. He is known for his work on the staging of amyloid deposition in brain in both pre and symptomatic phases and for developing a concept of biochemical maturation of amyloid based on posttranslational modifications of pyroglutaminylation and phosphorylation of serine 8 of Abeta and on the solubility and size of Abeta aggregates. 

Dr. Thal has been a member of an AD pathology consortium that has defined some novel disease states, indicating that he is well connected and respected within this community. Dr. Thal also has a number of EU collaborations that are critical to his success and the conduct of the work plan.  He will continue to rely on the brain bank at the Uni. Ulm.  Brain tissue will also be obtained from Newcastle Uni.  He will also continue ongoing collaborations with Professors Markus Otto and Marcus Fändrich at Ulm and and Drs. Stefan Lammich and Michael Willem at DNZE Munich.  After his move, he will be a significant contributor to the IWT-project “Vlaams Initiatief voor Netwerken voor Dementie-Onderzoek” (Distributed Biobank for Dementias) and, through this interaction also contribute to the Centrum voor Medische Innovatie Biobank project of Flanders. This will fill a critical need in neuropathology expertise.