Freya Blekman

°1974, Nederlander

Werkte aan: Cornwell University, Verenigde Staten van Amerika

Nieuwe thuishaven: VUB, Dienst ELEM (Elementary Particle Physics)

Titel project: Search for new physics at the Large Hadron Collider

Uit het jury-rapport:

Freya Blekman has excellent credentials and an excellent record of success. In particular, over the last two years she has been very active in preparing for a first measurement of the top-quark pair production cross section at CMS using the electron+jets+bjets signature. This is the starting point of her research program and demonstrates her capabilities in the competitive environment at the LHC. She has also had the opportunity to develop and demonstrate her leadership skills, which are important for leading a research group and for being successful in the context of a large collaboration such as CMS.

Dr. Blekman's research project has the potential to be groundbreaking if a discovery is made. She is in a strong position to capitalize on her expertise and past experience in implementing the proposed program. She is able to successfully lead the members of her group into producing several publications, and, if nature is kind, a discovery.

The work has the potential for exceptional discoveries. The potential for groundbreaking discoveries at the LHC is immense and no one quite knows where this will come from. The idea of looking in a model-independent way for anomalies in the data is excellent and it is probable that the first insights into new physics will come from rather careful attention to small details in the data. The area of Supersymmetry is considered by many theorists, and experimentalists, to be the most plausible one for discovery.