Gennaro Melino

°1953, Italiaan

Werkte aan: University of Rome 'Tor Vergata', Italië

Nieuwe thuishaven:UGent, VIB Dept for Molecular Biomedical Research

titel project: The p53 family in Cancer & Inflammation

Uit het jury-rapport:

Gennaro Melino is definitely one of the leaders in p73/p63 research. He is involved in many international collaborations and has published numerous papers, most of them in highly rated papers, contributing to the development of p73/p63 knowledge from the very beginning. A number of publications are outstanding and highly citied. He is managing very successfully two research groups - in Rome and in Leicester.

Melino's research is representing comprehensive investigation of p73 and p63 function and regulation. It involves several approaches to clarify their role in development and different pathologies. The emphasis is given on the use of genetically modified animal models, but also the genomic and proteomic approach will be employed. The final purpose of the research is the development of therapeutic molecules that could regulate the function of p73 and p63.