Iuliu Sorin Pop

Werkte aan: University of Bergen

Nieuwe thuishaven: UHasselt

Titel project: DynScale: Reactive flow and transport models in complex media with evolving interfaces at the micro scale

Uit het juryrapport:

Dr. Pop has a very strong background in mathematical modeling and analysis, with a research profile that matches the current proposal very well. His publication record is strong, with most of the publications in international top journals. The papers contain solid work with substantial content and new ideas.

Dr. Pop is not afraid to tackle new problems, and does so with innovative approaches. He also has considerable experience in supervising students; for students with the right background and interests, dr. Pop is highly qualified to lead a research group, and should be well suited to take this opportunity to build a research group in applied and computational mathematics.

In terms of collaboration, dr. Pop is held in very high regard in the research community. He stands out with an extensive network of international contacts at top-level research groups and universities both in Europe and in the US.