Kodi Ravichandran

Werkte aan: University of Virginia

Nieuwe thuishaven: UGent

Titel project: Clearance of dying cells and their relevance to health and disease

Uit het juryrapport:

Dr. Ravichandran has an outstanding track record with a total of 133 references since 1993; he obtained his PhD in 1992. The ten most important publications in which the applicant appears as senior author comprise 9 Nature and 1 Cell in 2001. In addition to these ten major publications in Nature and Cell, one may notice other outstanding publications in Nat Immunol (2002 and 2012), Nat Cell Biol (2008), Science (2007), J Clin Invest (2015) for instance.

Dr. Ravichandran is an opinion leader in the fields of apoptotic cell clearance since he has published as senior or first author many reviews, editorials or commentaries in high profile journals. Besides this quantitative analysis, the research quality and inventiveness of the applicant are outstanding. He is a world leader on “find-me” signals, “eatme” signals and their cognate receptors (e.g., the “father” of BAI-1) implicated in apoptotic cell clearance, called also efferocytosis.

The jury shares the statement of the rector of the Ghent University who wrote that “Kodi Ravichandran is an outstanding researcher working at a world top level” and those of Prof C. Gregory and Prof DA Bayliss who said that he is “a true pioneer of the field of apoptotic cell clearance” and “a superstar scientist/scientific pioneer”, respectively.