Luc Baeyens

Werkte aan: University of California San Francisco

Nieuwe thuishaven: VUB

Titel project: Neogenesis of new functional Beta Cells through Modulation of Neurogenin-3 Expression to provide Regenerative Therapy for Diabetes Patients

Uit het juryrapport:

Dr. Baeyens has an outstanding record of accomplishments at this early stage in his research career.

Dr. Baeyens recent publication as a senior scientist in a high impact journal proves his potential of becoming an independent research leader. Additionally, the provided reference letters from top principal investigators reveal that he has the personal characteristics (motivation, communication skills, preparation, knowledge etc.) to become a leader. Therefore, all these indicators support the readiness of the applicant to begin an independent career and successfully become a top leader in the fields of beta cell biology and diabetes.

His training in laboratories at leading research institutions both in Europe and in the States has enabled the candidate to meet and establish fruitful collaborations with field leaders. This contact network will be a crucial asset on the road to become an independent research leader.