Marc Brysbaert

“The centre for reading research – Flanders”

Marc Brysbaert was born in Belgium in 1963. He obtained a Master in Psychology in 1986 and a PhD in Psychology in 1992 at the University of Leuven, Belgium.

Marc Brysbaert is a specialist in cognitive psychology, especially in the domain of visual word recognition, reading, and number processing. He has made significant and numerous contributions to our understanding of the processes involved in word recognition and reading.

The granted project is entitled: “The centre for reading research – Flanders”. In this project, three research lines will be expanded, continuing the applicant’s ongoing research. In the first line of research, a comparison of participants with typical and atypical language dominance will be used to obtain better insight in the brain mechanisms that underlie visual word recognition and text understanding. In the second line of research lexical decision an naming latencies will be collected for all common Dutch words and for monosyllabic English and French words in Dutch/Flemish speakers. Nonlinear regression analyses will be used to determine the factors that influence the word processing times in Dutch/Flemish and to compare them with English and French. In addition, the processing latencies in a second language will be compared to those of native speakers. The resulting explanations will be implemented in existing computational models of visual word processing, to see whether they lead to the expected improvements of the models. The third research line will look at the application of some of our basic research to everyday problems. Two specific proposals are outlined. In the first, on the basis of our current knowledge and new studies, we will critically evaluate and extend current techniques to assess and remediate dyslexia in Flanders. In the second, we will use a recently developed and validated research hypothesis but the applicant to adapt a test that allows health professionals to reliably measure the onset of dementia.

The jury appreciates the research of Marc Brysbaert. The project is well written and very original. The jury is convinced that this project will yield very interesting results that are very relevant for society.