Paolo Azzurri

°1970, Italiaans

Werkte aan:INFN Pisa, Italy

Nieuwe thuishaven: UA

Titel project: Weak Boson Fusion at the LIHC: exploring the Higgs sector, gauge self-couplings and possible new interactions.

Uit het juryrapport:

The applicant has been involved in several high profile experiments consisting of hundreds to thousands of researchers. In spite of the size of these groups, he has established a very visible profile internationally in a number of topics related to the present proposal, and through his experience, is well placed to lead further efforts in tandem with an existing group at University Antwerp that wishes to expand the already important role that it is playing within the CMS experiment.

As the support letters attest, the applicant has led a number of original research projects within these large collaborations, and has created a wide and international network of connections. In addition, the project being proposed lies at the heart of one of the main focuses of the CMS experiment, with numerous groups around the world competing to achieve the highest sensitivity to the searched-for signal. This internal competition ensures that the quality of the resulting research is at the highest level. While the students would be mostly based at Antwerp, the geographical separation from the experiment itself in Geneva is less and less of an obstacle, due to the ubiquity of information exchange opportunities. In that sense, even the inclusion of CERN activities, or those of further groups, in those of the group based at Antwerp and led by the proponent is a definite possibility.

The many steps to be covered – as explained in the methodology – represent a challenge, as each of these naturally represents the state of the art. The familiarity of the proponent or of the EDF group with these areas will allow the group to progress rapidly, a necessity to obtain the highest possible sensitivity to a low-mass Higgs boson as rapidly as possible, and to quickly establish its properties.