Pascal Gielen

Werkte aan: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Nieuwe thuishaven: UAntwerpen

Titel project: Sustainable creativity in the post-Fordist city

Uit het juryrapport:

Dr. Gielen has many high-ranking publications related to sociology of art, and his publication frequency is increasing in the last few years. The amount of external research funding which he has managed to obtain and the awards for his research prove that he stand out among his peers as an excellent – if not outstanding – researcher.

Every scientific field has its preferred ways of publishing, and in research in the arts, publishing a book is still prominent. Dr. Gielen has several books behind his name, many of which have been translated as well. As the humanities are increasingly valuing peer-reviewed articles, it is important to acknowledge that dr. Gielen has an excellent track record in this type of publications as well.

Dr. Gielen has been involved in several initiatives, e.g. the founding of the research institute Arts & Society in Groningen, and has successfully completed multiple research projects obtained through competitive funding. All of these illustrate a high degree of leadership and independence in scientific contexts at the crossing between sociology and the arts.