Pieter Van Vlierberghe

°1980, Belg

Werkte aan: Columbia University Medical Center, Institute for Cancer Genetics, New York

Nieuwe thuishaven: UGent

Titel project: ETV6: The Achilles’ heel of early T-cell progenitor T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Uit het juryrapport:

Dr Van Vlierberghe’s scientific background is excellent. He has worked in some of the best laboratories in the world and has played a major role in unraveling the complex genetics of T-ALL. The standard of his publications is extremely impressive. Most of these publications have been large-scale collaborations and this has helped Pieter Van Vlierberghe build up a strong network of research collaborators. Obviously, Pieter Van Vlierberghe’s own contribution to these publications is less easy to establish. However, judging from his position in the authorship list and the contribution statements attached to each publication, he has made substantial technical and analytical contributions to many of these studies. His impressive list of invited presentations also supports the notion that he has taken a lead role in publicly disseminating this research. In addition, it is clear from his track record of funding that he has played a role in driving the research agenda for at least some of these projects