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Informatics and data communication


Theoretical informatics, parallel and distributed computing; programming languages and techniques; software engineering; scientific computing; computer graphics and visualization, software for embedded and real-time systems; web and information systems and their management; computer networks; computer security, cryptography

Members - composition 2024

Naam Affiliatie
De Jong Gjalt ArchWorks
Janssens Nico Rombit bvba
Jorge Joaquim Technical University of Lisbon
Marfievici Ramona Digital Catapult
Michiels Isabel Agoria
Mourouzis Theo Electi Consulting
Murphy Amy L. Bruno Kessler Foundation
Perez Hernandez Maria Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Raymaekers Chris Cegeka NV
Römer Kay Graz University of Technology
Schweizer Marc Alexander University of Bonn
Varbanescu Ana Lucia Universiteit Twente