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FWO Review College Fundamental Research

Annual call review college

Our call opens annually in March and closes in early May. If you would like to be informed when this call opens again, register via the button below.

The FWO runs an annual call for candidates for its Review College Fundamental Research. The Review College is made up of highly qualified and experienced research experts who may be called upon to join an FWO expert panel, more specifically one of the panels to evaluate fellowships or research projects in fundamental research. The panels meet once or twice a year in Brussels to evaluate research applications from researchers in Flanders. Panels consist of 12 experts who are top researchers in their own discipline(s) and who, from a generalist background, can also evaluate research applications from their broader field. The majority of panel members in each panel are not affiliated with a Flemish research institution; Flemish researchers are, however, certainly also invited to respond to our call Membership of the Review College does not commit you to serving in the panel, but enables FWO to contact you with an invitation to join a panel.