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Complaint procedure

The FWO is committed to providing an optimal service. However, should you not be satisfied with the service, you may wish to register a complaint. You can read here how this can be done.  If you wish to report a deficiency, you do not need to use the official complaints procedure. The difference between both is explained below.

FWO Complaint Procedure

What is a complaint?

“A complaint is a manifest expression of dissatisfaction which is registered either in writing or by email by a member of the FWO target group about services rendered by the FWO.”

The following fall outside the scope of this definition:

  • complaints about the contents of a decision against which a regulatory appeal can be made
  • complaints about scientific advice
  • complaints which may be registered with the ICT helpdesk (complaints about poor service by the helpdesk, however, fall within the scope of application)
  • complaints about facts which occurred over a year ago
  • anonymous complaints
  • requests for information

The complaint procedure is governed by the Decree of 1 June 2001 granting the right to register complaints about Government institutions, amended by the Decree of 17 June 2011

How to register a complaint?

If your complaint satisfies the above definition and meets the relevant conditions, you can register a complaint in writing or by email with the (deputy) complaints coordinator of the FWO.

  • Complaints Coordinator: Veroniek Robinne
    Leuvenseweg 38
    1000 Brussels
    Tel: 02/550.15.23
  • Deputy Complaints Coordinator: Danny Huysmans
    Leuvenseweg 38
    1000 Brussels
    Tel: 02/550.15.32

Not satisfied with the handling of your complaint?

If you feel the FWO has not adequately handled your complaint, you may apply to the Flemish Ombudsman ( The Flemish Ombudsman will only intervene if you have first tried to resolve the matter with the FWO.

Report a deficiency

You want to report a deficiency or request information?

Perhaps you want to draw the FWO's attention to an error in a publication,  the non-functioning of its website, etc.? For this you do not need to register a complaint.

The FWO invites you to report any deficiencies noted. Send an email to or and we will help you as quickly as possible. You can also request information via this channel.