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Chemical engineering and catalysis


Chemical engineering; reactor technology incl. chemical kinetics; product design and formulation; process engineering, streamlining and intensification (incl. high throughput strategies); separation techniques; homogeneous/heterogeneous/ technical catalysis; transport phenomena (multiphase flow, microfluidics, flow chemistry), multiscale modelling; porous materials and membranes. NOT: bioreactors and biocatalysis (see SBBio4B)

Members - composition 2024

Naam Affiliatie
Alconero Patricia UC Louvain
Bitter Harry Wageningen University and Research
Edwards Jennifer Cardiff University
Hargreaves Justin University of Glasgow
Kutter Jorg University of Copenhagen
Panagiota Angeli University College London
Parton Rudy GFBiochemicals
Prieto Gonzalo Institute of Chemical Tecnology /Spanish Research Council
Reyniers Geert Jacobs Belgium
Vilé Gianvito Politecnico di Milano