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Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Seal of Excellence Postdoctoral Fellowships



Announcement of results


The Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions - Seal of Excellence FWO (MSCA SoE FWO) wants to support researchers in the development of an independent, international research career.

For the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions Postdoctoral European Fellowships (MSCA PF EF) 2023 call, fellowships are made available to the 8 highest ranked and for FWO eligible candidates on the reserve list. 


  • Period: 2 years, not renewable
  • Salary scale: 4,941.66 - max 7,703.56
  • Bench fee: € 4.000 [pay attention: no flexible bench fee]
  • Deadline a week after the candidate has received the invitation to submit an application (invitations will be send as of 1 March)
  • Announcement of results: 16 May 2024
  • Start of fellowship: 1 October or 1 November

Profile and conditions

Evaluation and selection procedure

  • FWO will select the eight highest ranked applications on the reserve list of MSCA PF EF applications, being eligible for a MSCA SoE FWO as described above, on the basis of their relative position (being their rank in the panel where the application is evaluated divided by the number of eligible applications submitted in that panel). For ex aequo’s the score given to the concerned applications applies.
  • FWO invites from 1 March 2024 the selected candidates to submit an application for a MSCA SoE FWO. If the candidate declines the offer, the next candidate on the reserve list, identified following the selection principles as explained, will be invited.
  • If the candidate does not have an e-portal account yet, (s)he must register in the e-portal.
  • The application must include: 1) the complete application for a MSCA PF EF (part A and B including all annexes, i.e. a complete PDF file generated by the submission system including the electronic acknowledgement of receipt digitally sealed by the European Commission), 2) the Evaluation Summary Report of the European Commission and 3) the FWO application form.
  • The board of trustees of 15 May 2024 assesses and grants the submitted applications.
  • The MSCA PF EF ranking is followed, so the FWO does not conduct anymore an internal and external peer review.
  • If as of 1 June the applications on the reserve list are in the end picked up by the European Commission, no other application will be funded by the FWO.


Contact for requesting additional info and for specific questions.

For technical (IT) problems regarding e-portal and application modules send an email to the IT helpdesk: