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Regulations for FWO EUI fellowships


Art. 1

§1 Candidates must meet the eligibility requirements imposed by the EUI.

§2 At the start of the fellowship, candidates must be holder of a master’s degree awarded by a Flemish university institution.

§3 Where the requirement as laid down in Art. 1 §2 cannot be met, the FWO reserves the right to accept also candidates of Belgian nationality who have obtained a master’s degree awarded by the relevant institutions in one of the countries of the EER or Switzerland and whose file shows that they are sufficiently embedded in Flanders and as such can contribute to the development of the Flemish knowledge area.

§4 Candidates must have obtained their master’s degree not earlier than three years before the deadline of the call and have no more than 18 months of scientific seniority at the time of the deadline of the call.

§5 Candidates can apply maximum two times for an FWO-EUI doctoral fellowship and should not already have been awarded this fellowship or a FWO fellowship (not even in partly). These applications are not included in determining the maximum number of applications that can be submitted for a regular FWO PhD fellowship (fundamental/strategic). Candidates may apply simultaneously for an EUI doctoral fellowship and a regular FWO PhD fellowship (fundamental/strategic).

Application and selection procedure

Art. 2

Applications must be submitted directly to the EUI through the dedicated online system, taking into account the deadline set by the EUI. Candidates are expected to submit a complete research project, including hypothesis(es), methodology and work plan.

Art. 3

§ 1 After an eligibility check by the EUI and the FWO, the eligible applications are submitted for ranking by the EUI Advisory Committee of the FWO.

§ 2 The ranking of the EUI Advisory Committee is presented to the EUI, which is responsible for further processing of applications: pre-selection, interview phase and the eventual funding decision.