FWO Excellence Prizes


The prestigious FWO Excellence Prizes are awarded in recognition of the scientific career of eminent Flemish researchers. The Prizes are awarded every five years.

  • Two Doctor A. De Leeuw-Damry-Bourlart Prizes:
    • 1 prize for exact sciences
    • 1 prize for applied sciences
  • One Ernest-John Solvay Prize:
    • 1 prize for humanities and social sciences
  • Two Joseph Maisin Prizes:
    • 1 prize for fundamental biomedical sciences
    • 1 prize for clinical biomedical sciences


  • Each prize amounts to €100,000
  • Candidates are nominated by an established researcher; they cannot nominate themselves.
  • The prizes are awarded at a festive celebration.
  • Call closed

Profile and conditions

  • The candidates must hold a position at a university in the Flemish Community or to the Evangelic Protestant Faculty in Leuven or the Faculty for Protestant Theology in Brussels, possibly in collaboration with a Flemish or Federal scientific institution where they conduct their research., for at least five year prior to the application.
  • You are nominated by an established (Belgian or foreign) researcher.


  • You cannot nominate yourself. You are nominated by an established researcher.
  • The nominator submits your candidacy using the appropriate form. (see downloads)
  • The candidacy includes an expose of maximum 5 pages illustrating the scientific achievements of the candidate.  It also includes a CV and publication list of the candidate.
  • The nominator specifies the names of 5 foreign referees, accompanied by a short CV and a list of five relevant recent publications of those referees.  Foreign referees are subject to the current regulations on internal and external peer review.  The nominator can also indicate the names of maximum three researchers who may not be invited as referee.
  • The nominator must include two letters of recommendation from international researchers active in the same scientific area as the candidate.
  • The candidacies are presented to a foreign jury (1 jury per prize).
  • The respective juries select the winner of each prize.
  • The Board of Trustees decides on the allocation.

Regulations and downloads