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FWO Scientific Award Climate Research



Announcement of results


Since January 1, 2020, the FWO implements a sustainable travel policy in all its funding programmes to contribute to the climate objectives. In this context, the FWO calculates annually, based on an overview of the flight kilometres (provided by the travel agencies authorized by the FWO), the total CO2 emissions and corresponding cost for the CO2 contribution. The FWO invests this CO2 contribution in the Scientific Award Climate Research.


  • 3 prizes amounting to a personal one-year research grant of 10,000 EURO each. (duration: 1 January 2024 – 31 December 2024).
  • Supports excellent innovative scientific research on climate science, defined as follows: climate science investigates the structure and dynamics of earth’s climate system. It seeks to understand how global, regional and local climates are maintained as well as the processes by which they change over time. In doing so, it employs observations and theory from a variety of domains, including meteorology, oceanography, physics, chemistry and more (cfr. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - 2023).
  • The prize is intended to reward an established researcher of at least postdoctoral level on the basis of their previous work, with a perspective of future development in the same field and on their plans with the research grant (including the sustainable use of this grant which will be one of the evaluation criteria).

Profile and conditions

  • You have a PhD.
  • You must have obtained your first PhD degree maximum 10 years before the date of the submission deadline (possibly extended in case of eligible career breaks, see regulations).
  • The award can only be given to an individual scientist from postdoctoral level onwards who has, for the full duration of the awarded research grant, a paid affiliation with one of the main host institutions mentioned in article 7 §2 of the regulation for research projects in fundamental research, or with a Flemish or a federal institution for scientific research.
  • You have not previously received the FWO Scientific Award Climate Research.


  • Submit your candidacy by e-mail to by using the appropriate application form, filled in correctly and completely (in English), on 8 September 2023 midnight CEST at the latest.
  • Your candidacy is submitted to a jury composed by FWO.
  • The jury nominates three laureates for the award.


For more information, contact FWO at