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International Coordination Action


Announcement of results


With this funding channel, the FWO supports coordination activities of international collaborative associations. The funds are used for general scientific coordination and administrative management of the collaborative association (excluding the actual scientific research). The collaborative associations concerned are those created within the context of multilateral and supranational bodies such as - but not limited to - EU, UN, OECD, UNESCO, or WHO.

The proposal should help ensure the support and anchoring of an international coordination function in Flanders. In practice this function may include several tasks, including general coordination and management of the collaborative association (excluding the execution of scientific research), data management and dissemination, and the development of a portal site.

Important dates

  • January 2024: call opens
  • 2nd of April 2024 (5.00 pm): call closes (Since 1st of April 2024 is a holiday, the deadline will be postponed to Tuesday 2nd of April 2024.)
  • June 2024: The Cross-Domain Panel (CDP) performs the evaluation of all submitted proposals.
  • June 2024: The CDP advises the board of trustees, who takes a final decision in June.
  • 1st of January 2025: The International Coordination Action starts next January.


  • Period: 3 years, renewable.
  • Maximum annual sum of 75.000 EUR.
  • Approved funding can be used for costs directly related to the coordination of the collaborative association: costs for administrative staff involved in the coordination activities as well as specific coordination costs. These include travel expenses to and from abroad and costs for a CO2 contribution linked to air travel, associated data management and dissemination, and the development of a portal site. In no case can the funding be used for research activities. The subsidy allowance can also not be used for costs covered by other funding bodies (e.g. the coordinating role in an excellence network or an integrated project within the European Framework programme).
  • It is important to maximize the embedding of the International Coordination Action in the Flemish Community. As such maximum cooperation between host institutions should be strived for. To achieve this it is recommended to include in your application other stakeholders, active in Flanders, that work in your research domain.

Profile and conditions

  • You are appointed for at least 50% of your time:
    • as an independent academic staff member to:
      • a Flemish university, or to
      • the Evangelical Protestant Faculty in Leuven, or to
      • the Faculty for Protestant Theology in Brussels.
    • or as an (associated) professor or (full) professor (or positions with equivalent English titles) with PhD affiliated to:
      • the Hogere Zeevaartschool, or to
      • the Vlerick Management School, or to
      • the Antwerp Management School, or to
      • the Institute of Tropical Medicine.
  • You have been invited by a multilateral or supranational organisation/consortium to take up this coordination function.
  • You agree with the Research Integrity Clause.