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Scientific Research Network



Announcement of results


This grant supports researchers with the coordination of Scientific Research Networks. These are international networks of researchers that encourage national and international cooperation.

These virtual research groups are set up through efficient coordination and intensive collaboration at (inter)national level. They prevent dual usage and provide researchers with more development opportunities. A scientific research network places the research of individual and complementary research departments in a wider framework.

Important dates

  • 26 April 2024: call opens
  • 02 september 2024 at 5pm: submission deadline via
  • November 2024: Evaluation by the Cross-Domain Panel (CDP)
  • December 2024: announcement of results
  • 01 Januari 2025: start scientific research network


  • Duration of projects: 5 years, renewable.
  • Annual bench fee: maximum 12,000 EUR.
  • Unused funds will be returned to the FWO.
  • The funding is to be used exclusively for:
    • the organization of guest lectures, symposia and scientific collaboration visits;
    • travel and accommodation expenses of foreigners;
    • fees for established researchers from outside the Flemish Community;
    • travel and accommodation expenses of researchers affiliated to the Flemish research groups of the Scientific Research Network, in charge of carrying out information-gathering activities at foreign research groups;
    • secretarial costs for organizing guest colleges, a limited number of symposia, workshops and research coordination meetings;
  • Other expenses subject to prior consent by the FWO.
  • Participation of junior research groups and a gender balance are encouraged.

Profile and conditions

  • One of the Flemish research groups acts as the core group. This group must enjoy an international reputation for its high-quality outstanding scientific research.
  • A research group is only allowed to act as core group for a single ongoing SRN. 
  • A research group can apply once as a core group in each application round.
  • You agree with the Research Integrity Clause.

Selection and evaluation criteria

Check all selection and evaluation criteria for applying for a Scientific Research Network

Top-up funding opportunity when Welsh research group(s) are involved: When a SRN involves minimum one Welsh research group from one university from Wales, the involved Welsh research group(s) can request a financial top-up from Universities Wales. This top-up needs to be requested making use of the FWO application form for SRNs. For more information on this top-up funding opportunity see the following guidelines.


  • Applications must be submitted by e-mail to interprog@fwo.beby September 1st (5pm) of the year preceding the start year, using the appropriate application form (see below under ‘Regulations and downloads’). As September 1st, 2024 falls on a Sunday, the 2024 deadline will be September 2nd, 2024 (5pm).
  • The Cross-Domain Panel (CDP) will evaluate the new applications for Scientific Research Networks and will advise the board of trustees.
  • The board of trustees decides on the allocation of the funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the applicant (core group) come from a higher education institution?

No, but it can be one of the participating research groups within a Scientific Research Network.

Can costs still be declared after a Scientific Research Network has ended?

Yes, costs can be declared until after 2 years of the official end date of the Scientific Research Network.

When do I have to apply for an extension of a Scientific Research Network?

By the 1st of September of the fifth year, together with the summary report of the ongoing Scientific Research Network.