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Advice, selection and evaluation criteria Grant for a scientific stay in Flanders


  • You should add a letter of invitation, signed by the Flemish host researcher, clearly stating the exact period and necessity of the planned scientific stay; and explaining the scientific added value for the research group in Flanders.
  • Your application is submitted to the International Collaboration Committee (CIWC) that will decide on its approval or not.


  • Quality of the proposed research and added value of the chosen Flemish research group.
  • Intrinsic need/added value of the proposed stay for the inviting research group in Flanders (host) as well as for the progress of the proposed research and the applicant’s research career.
  • Scientific achievements of the applicant to date, taking the specificity of the field and scientific seniority into account.


  • Beneficiaries must submit a detailed scientific report on their stay to the FWO within three months upon their return from Belgium.
  • They must also send to the FWO a financial justification of the total financing envelope regarding the use of both the FWO grant and of any additional grants obtained from other authorities. The FWO can cover any costs incurred only on the basis of original supporting documents.