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“INBO – FWO” fellowships

The Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO) is the Flemish research and knowledge centre for nature and its sustainable management and use. INBO conducts research and supplies knowledge to all those who prepare or make the policies or are interested in them as a stakeholder.

Through its scientific research, INBO supports all agencies dealing with open space in the Flemish government, as well as in organisations involved in nature conservation, forestry, agriculture, hunting and fishery. INBO publishes its results as open data and provides data for international reporting. It participates in (inter)national research networks such as LTER, ALTER-Net, LifeWatch, … INBO is collaborating with at least 3 Flemish universities. INBO is aiming at further strengthening this collaboration with Flemish universities, focusing on biodiversity, ecosystem and ecossystem services with a clear link to policy relevance on a Flemish and European level.

INBO is therefore committing itself, to finance  depending on available financial means, one or two doctoral fellowships (fundamental research or strategic basic research). The number of available fellowships will be decided upon each year.

This ambition is established in a collaboration protocol between the FWO and INBO, thus creating the doctoral fellowships "INBO - FWO". These fellowships, including bench fee, are financed by INBO. The fellowships fit in the regular doctoral programs of the FWO, and applications are submitted and evaluated in the concerned calls for proposals. The collaboration starts from the fellowships starting in 2020.

Only regular FWO call fellowship applications at which INBO has agreed to act as an additional host institute, and that were approved by FWO but could not be financed, are eligible for a fellowship "INBO - FWO".

Through an agreement/contract between the fellow and the FWO, these fellowships are subject to the FWO regulations for doctoral resp. postdoctoral fellowships. INBO draws up a collaboration agreement with the main host institutes involved.