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Regulations Grant for a scientific stay in Flanders

Approved by decision of the Board of Trustees on 21/10/2021


The General Regulations of the FWO apply.

Art. 1.

The grant for a scientific stay in Flanders is intended to bring researchers appointed abroad to Flanders at the specific request of a research group in Flanders, in order to deploy their excellent and necessary expertise in the Flemish host research group for a period of minimally 1 and maximally 3 months. Educational programmes in Flanders, in whole or in part, are not eligible.

Art. 2.

§1 Candidates for a grant for a scientific stay in Flanders must hold a PhD by thesis or a degree or a diploma or certificate recognised as equivalent in accordance with the European Union directives or a bilateral agreement, in compliance with the provisions of Article V 20 of the Decision of the Flemish Government on codification of the decree provisions concerning higher education of 11 October 2013.

§2 In addition, the candidates must have a remunerated appointment of at least 50% (receive a salary or a scholarship with a minimum appointment of 50%) at a non-Belgian research institution during the entire period of their scientific stay in Flanders. Under no circumstances may the applicant have a remunerated appointment - regardless of the percentage of this appointment - at a university or research institution in Belgium.

Art. 3.

To be eligible for a grant for a scientific stay in Flanders, candidates must have at least one peer-reviewed publication.

Art. 4.

§1 Candidates can only apply for a grant for a scientific stay in Flanders upon the official invitation of a researcher appointed to:

  • a university in the Flemish Community (including the academic programmes within the corresponding association), or
  • a federal or Flemish scientific institution (with the exception of university colleges), as member of the scientific staff of the Dutch-speaking community, or
  • a university hospital in the Flemish Community, as member of the scientific staff, or
  • a hospital with an academic character recognised as research center in the Flemish Community, as member of the scientific staff

§2 This host researcher must hold at least one of the appointments or be the holder of a research mandate as described in Article 10 of the regulations of the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) governing fundamental research projects. An equivalent appointment (with a PhD) of at least 50% at the non-university institutions stated in Article 4 §1 is also allowed.

Art. 5.

§1 Applications for a grant for a scientific stay in Flanders must be submitted online in English at least three months before the date of departure. This submission deadline is strictly binding.

§2 The competent institutional board of the host researcher must be notified of the submitted application.

§3 Candidates are required as a minimum to upload the following documents in the online application form (in the applicable sections):

  • a short scientific CV;
  • a letter from the candidate's own institution (employer) confirming that the candidate complies with Article 2 §2 of these Regulations;
  • an invitation letter, signed by the host researcher, in which the necessity of the planned scientific stay is clearly laid out as well as the scientific added value for the research group in Flanders.

In the absence of (one of) the above documents at the time of submission, the application will be declared inadmissible.

Art. 6.

§1 Only one grant for a scientific stay in Flanders can be granted per person and per calendar year. The grants are personal and cannot be transferred.

§2 Per calendar year, a host researcher can receive only one researcher with such a grant for a scientific stay in Flanders.

Art. 7.

§1 Grants for a scientific stay in Flanders can only be granted for stays of at least one month up to a maximum of three months and are not renewable.

§2 As a main rule, the allocated period should be spent in one uninterrupted period.

Art. 8.

If the application is approved, the FWO will cover one-off travel expenses to and from the place of employment abroad – Belgium, and a lump-sum subsistence allowance (*) will be granted. This funding is intended solely and exclusively for the beneficiary. 

*The lump-sum subsistence allowance amounts to EUR 66.00 per day or a maximum of EUR 1,650.00 per month.

Art. 9.

§1 Candidates must indicate any grants obtained from or applied for with other Belgian or foreign authorities for the same purpose. Candidates must notify the FWO of the outcome of grant applications submitted to other authorities for the same purpose.

§2 When allocating a grant for a scientific stay in Flanders, any amounts granted from other financial sources (other credits, grants, etc.) will be taken into account.

Art. 10.

The allowance is paid into the beneficiary's account.

Art. 11.

The beneficiaries must submit a detailed scientific report on their scientific stay in Flanders to the FWO within three months of their return from Belgium.

They must also provide the FWO with a financial justification of the total financing envelope regarding the use of both the FWO grant and of any additional grants obtained from other authorities. The FWO can cover any costs incurred only on the basis of original supporting documents.


Art. 12.

Travel costs

Upon allocation of the grant, the beneficiary books the trip via one of the FWO's authorised travel agents. The invoice is then sent directly to the FWO.

If this is not advantageous or feasible, the beneficiary may declare the costs incurred with another travel agent to the FWO, upon presentation of the original invoice.

  • By plane: economy class.
  • By train: cheapest fare.

When travelling by car, the beneficiary receives a mileage allowance of maximum €800.00.

The beneficiary is automatically covered by travel and assistance insurance taken out by the FWO.