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The European Partnership on Animal Health & Welfare (EUP AH&W) – Horizon Europe cofund partnership

This first transnational call aims to enhance animal health and welfare by supporting innovative research


Announcement of results

Announcement ‘EUP AH&W’ cofund call 2024 “Supporting the Future of Animal Health and Welfare”

On the 8th of May 2024 a first joint transnational cofunded call for research projects has been launched within the framework of the new Horizon Europe Animal Health and Welfare partnership. This partnership will initiate a range of activities the coming years, of which launching open calls for research projects form an integral part. The FWO, in its capacity as research funder, will try to engage itself within these so-called ‘external’ research calls of this partnership, in order to support the research institutes from Flanders.

EUP AH&W call 2024

This first transnational call aims to enhance animal health and welfare by supporting innovative research to develop novel and improved technologies and addressing fundamental and socioeconomic science  questions related to the prevention, detection, assessment, and management of animal health and welfare issues of both terrestrial and aquatic animals.

The more specific objectives/topics of this call are the following: 

  • Topic 1: Novel Technologies for Prevention, Detection, Assessment, and Management of Animal Health and Welfare;
  • Topic 2: Fundamental Research for Animal Health and Welfare;
  • Topic 3: Animal Health and Welfare and Society.

More detailed information on the topics and the call scope can be consulted within the call document, which can be found on the EUP AH&W submission platform, together with some other useful information. In addition, one can also visit the EUP AH&W website for more information about the partnership as a whole, and where the information about the research calls is also available.

Al relevant call information can be consulted in this call document, also when it comes to the general rules for participation. In addition, the ‘national/regional’ FWO eligibility criteria have to be respected, which are also taken up in the call document (see pages 40-41) and which are of importance when it comes to the eligibility of the subproject from Flanders (FWO).

Deadline for pre-proposal submission AND national pre-application via the FWO e-loket 8 July 2024, 15.00 CEST (Brussels)

FWO modalities

Both the national/regional FWO fundamental (FO) and Strategic Basic Research (SBO) funding channels are integrated within this multilateral call. The type and scope of the proposed research project will determine the choice of funding channel for the research performed within Flanders (e.g. more fundamental in nature, or more aimed at economical/societal valorisation). Non-compliance with the specific requirements per funding channel might lead to non-eligibility.

Please note, this is only an FWO requirement: European and/or international partners within the project consortium can choose their type of research freely, according to their own national regulations.

For the fundamental funding channel the respective regulations apply. For the SBO channel the SBO regulations have to be taken into account: these imply projects with a primarily economic and/or societal finality, for which ‘valorisation’ is a key - and mandatory - aspect.


Project proposals have to be submitted by European and international consortia through the ‘EUP AH&W’ call secretariat, by making use of the designated pre-proposal template and submission platform, according to the applicable procedures and eligibility criteria included in the call documents and regulations mentioned above.

NEW: FWO administrative pre-registration

Applicants for FWO funding must submit a one-time administrative application via the FWO e-portal. This needs to be undertaken by the promoter(-spokesperson), through its personal account.

  • For fundamental research projects (FO) select the application type: ‘Research projects – European programme fundamental research’.
  • For strategic basis research projects (SBO) select the application type: ‘Research projects – European programme strategic basic research’.

In case the consortium includes more than one partner requesting funding from FWO, a single online form should be submitted containing all relevant information from the different Flemish partners. 

The deadline to submit the administrative application to the FWO is the same as the deadline of the joint transnational call (preproposal stage). To ensure the eligibility of the proposal, it is recommended to consult the FWO administration at least one week in advance.

Call budget

The FWO is able to support two projects for a 36 months duration, with an available maximum budget of 350.000 EUR (overhead included) per project/consortium. The FWO budgetary rules, which differ per funding channel, are also clarified in the call document (see pages 40-41).

The cofund partnerships under the Horizon Europe framework programme provide for co-financing by the European Commission in addition to national/regional funds. This can result in additional support at the time of the funding decision, based on the final ranking after international peer review, which can generate additional projects – also for Flanders.

Some key points and/or deviations from the ‘regular’ FWO participatory framework to consider:

  • Participation in the framework of the European co-funded partnerships does not interfere with the ‘regular/national’ FWO project submission framework, and is consequently not taken into account with regard to the max. available number of applications that can be applied for/run. However, researchers can only participate in a maximum of two different international consortia per call, provided they concern different subjects.
  • Diverging overhead arrangements apply for what the fundamental and SBO funding channels are concerned, which is clarified in the call document (see pages 40-41).
  • SBO projects aimed at developing a spin-off are not eligible in this context.
  • Projects have a max. duration of 36 months and should be budgeted accordingly. Automatic extensions/no-cost prolongations are not accepted in this framework. Consequently, article 28 of the FWO research project regulations and article 14 of the SBO project regulations are explicitly excluded.
  • The PI, for each of the participating institutions from Flanders, must hold an admissible appointment that fully covers the duration of the research project. With regard to the ‘FO’ projects, and more specifically regarding the ‘emeritus’ regulation (artikel 10, §7): it does not apply in this context.
  • The FWO funds basic research.

Researchers are strongly advised to contact the FWO before submission regarding the eligibility criteria. This to avoid the ineligibility of a researcher individually, and the project consortium as a whole.

For additional information on the FWO participation, please contact:

Toon Monbaliu (FO)
+32 (0)2 550 15 70

Kristien Peeters (SBO)
+32 (0)2 550 15 95