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Instructievideo's voor panelleden

Below you may find a number of brief instruction videos in which the FWO review process is discussed. By clicking on the links below you can access these videos, which will provide detailed information about different steps in the evaluation procedure for the FWO research projects fundamental research. We strongly advise new panel members to watch all videos to get acquainted with the procedure. Videos marked with an asterisk are relevant for all panel members, regardless of their previous experience as an FWO panel member.

Postdoctorale mandaten

Predoctorale mandaten


Wetenschappelijke voorzitters

Below you may find the instruction videos in which we give an overview of your role as scientific chair of an expert panel for the evaluation of the fellowships or the projects fundamental research. By clicking on the relevant link below you can access the video corresponding to your program (Fellowships or Projects), which will provide detailed information about your different tasks in the evaluation procedure.

Instruction Clips